No 1 Residential Oven Cleaners In Cardiff

The best oven cleaners in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and all of South Wales!

Oven Cleaners In Cardiff

We can take on the tedious task of cleaning your oven. Plus with our specialist equipment, cleaning products and know how, we can have it looking like new!

If your oven is in need of a clean, then we can help! We provide a complete deep clean, cleaning everything from the light bulbs, shelves, fan guards and oven doors. Plus where possible we clean between the glass, so you’ll once again be able to see what you’re cooking!

We’ll do this with our specialist oven cleaning equipment, which is in our van, and we’ll use 100% save and eco friendly cleaning products, which won’t harm your oven or your family.

Oven Cleaners In Cardiff


Moving In

If you’ve moved into a new place and your oven is looking a bit worse for wear, we can provide you with a professional deep clean and get it looking like new

Touch Up

Over time your oven will develop a grease build up and burnt on carbon deposits. If you’re not getting it cleaned from time to time, you’re cooking is likely being contaminated


Moving Out

Selling your house or no longer renting a property? Ovens are always an item that get inspected by landlords or potential buyers. We can make it shine for you!

Oven Cleaners Cardiff

You won’t have to lift a finger, we’ll bring everything, including dustsheets to make sure we don’t drop any dirt on your floor. And we’ll take away any rubbish with us. After all, it’s our job to help clean your home, not make it dirty!

We also clean so called “self-cleaning” ovens, as they rarely reach the temperature that’s required to clean them, which leaves grease building up, without you even realising it.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We’ve built our service to offer everything you need from oven cleaners in Cardiff!

Great Service

Our business is built on referrals and repeats, so we go out of our way to give you the level of service we expect ourself. Friendly. Reliable. And professional.

100% Safe Products

The products we use are strong and perfect for the job, but they’re 100% safe. We remove grease, burnt on carbon and fat, using non-caustic odor free products


Plus Fully Insured

We’ve never once had to make a claim, but to protect you and your oven we have full insurance cover, so if for any reason there is an accident, we’re covered.

Hob Cleaning In Cardiff

Cardiff Hob Cleaning

Another service we provide is hob cleaning, which we can do while we’re there cleaning your oven. In fact we offer a discount if you have them both done on the same day! (See our pricing page for details).

We can do this for both gas and electric hobs. And just like ovens, we use 100% safe products, which won’t harm your appliance, or you!

Microwave Cleaning In Cardiff

With our cleaning products and expertise we can also clean regular microwave or combi microwave ovens, which can get even dirtier then regular ovens, as they can be quite tricky to clean!

We’ll clean both the interior plus exterior and because it’s smaller, it’s also a lot cheaper!

Cardiff Microwave Cleaning

Oven Extractor Cleaning In Cardiff

Cardiff Oven Extractor Cleaning

Because extractors are drawing airborne grease, fumes, smoke, steam and heat towards them, they can often get quite dirty themselves.

We can clean your extractor and the surrounding walls, tiles or glass, which are all likely to be covered in grease build up.

Trays & Pans Cleaning

Cleaning trays or grill pans can often be challenging. Even if you clean them every time after you use them, there will be some stubborn and stuck on grease that you just can’t get rid of.

We can clean this for you, using the same specialist equipment we have in our van, which we use to clean your oven.

Grill Pans And Trays Cleaning In Cardiff

BBQ Cleaning In Cardiff

BBQ Cleaning In Cardiff

And finally we can also give your barbecue the clean it needs before the start of the summer cooking season! Or just before you put it away for storage.

As always, we use 100% safe and non harmful cleaning solutions, which will not harm your BBQ or you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers for the questions we’re asked the most. Don’t see an answer you need? Contact us! We’re always happy to help or offer any advice!

How much does it cost?

That depends on what you’re having cleaned. We’ve actually put together a pricing page to give you a better idea!

9 out of 10 times our prices will be what you see on that page. But sometimes if an oven is going to take longer then usual to clean, we may charge a little more. You’ll always be notified before we start work and you can decide if you want us to proceed or not.

What does a professional clean do, that I can't do myself?

For one, we don’t use over the counter, caustic cleaning solutions. We use only the best oven cleaning products out there, which are 100% safe and will not damage your oven.

We also take everything out of your oven that is removable and soak it into our special cleaning tank, which is in our vans.

We then clean the rest of your oven with the best products and some good old fashioned elbow grease. Reaching all parts of your oven.

We get between the glass of your oven, so you’ll once again be able to see what you’re cooking!

We carry spare light bulbs, so if yours have stopped working we can replace that for you. And we carry universal seals, so if that needs replacing, we can do that too.

And finally, we do this all day, everyday, so we’ve gotten pretty good at it! I mean, do you really want to go through the time consuming, dirty and messy work yourself! We love our jobs and you won’t even need to be present when we’re cleaning, so you can get on with other stuff or just relax.

How long does it take?

That really depends on what you’re having cleaned, how dirty it is and what extra items you’re having cleaned!

But most oven cleans take between 1 – 3 hours to clean. That’s for single and double ovens. AGA ovens take longer. If we’re already set up for your oven clean, then cleaning other items like hobs, extractors or microwaves can be done a lot quicker!

Are your products child or pet friendly?

Yes. All our products are 100% safe, environmentally friendly and caustic free.

Remember, we’re using them all day, so we want to use only the best and safest products, if only for our own protection!

How often should I have my oven professionally cleaned?

That really depends on how often you use it and what you cook!

We have some customers that have their oven cleaned twice a year, but most of our customers fall between 9-18 months. But obviously it’s up to you.

We can make a recommendation on our first visit for when we think you should have it cleaned again, but you can decide this yourself as only you’ll know how much you’re using it and how dirty it’s getting!

You’re welcome to call us anytime, for any advice. We’re always happy to answer any questions and it’s totally free!

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